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How Biophilic Design Can Promote Healing

Healthcare architecture has long evoked an institutional atmosphere, but evolving design trends are headed in a more natural direction. Hospitals have begun integrating biophilia into their design – and the effect on patients is truly therapeutic.   What Is Biophilic Design? Biophilia (meaning love of living systems) is a concept that centers around human’s internal fascination […]

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Australia Combating COVID-19 with $2.4 Billion Pop-Up Clinic Plan: Suggesting an Efficient Rollout Strategy

Australia will install up to 100 pop-up healthcare clinics nationwide to combat the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Wednesday. The $2.4 billion federal government plan will cater to up to 75 patients per day over an initial period of six months through a program of services including subsidised video consultations and […]

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5 Design Trends For Your Dental Clinic

When looking to build your new or improved dental clinic fitout, you’ll soon find there are lots of good (and bad) options in dental clinic design. And just like all design trends, the good ones often help improve the look, flow and efficiency of your dental practice while enhancing your dental patient’s experience. Here at […]

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Is Healthcare the new Retail Therapy?

Retail therapy has long been associated with time spent at a shopping centre to unwind, relax and buy items to “feel better”. This saying has now become fact in today’s healthcare landscape, with medical and healthcare facilities located within retail centres around the world.  And it makes sense in today’s time-poor and convenience-driven society. Today, […]

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Design Standardisation is a Healthy Decision

It’s no secret every brand wants to “be different” in order to stand out in the competitive space they operate. Healthcare design and fit outs are no different. Creating an inviting and healthy space, while maximising your existing or newly built space, is a challenge many healthcare rollout companies often face. This is where the […]

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Why Client Project Management is the Key to Success

Whatever your project, whether a major building or custom fitout, it requires expertise, experience and knowledge for the bricks and mortar and interior to be built right. But what makes a project successful is the way in which the client and project management are handled to ensure the finished product meets everyone’s requirements and expectations. […]

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The Importance of Colour and Lighting in your Healthcare Space

Have you ever entered a store or someone’s home where neon carpeting and/or glaring lights greet you at the door? If you are like 93 percent of the population, this is not an environment that says, “relax and enjoy.” The same can be said for the lighting and colour in your healthcare space, with expertise […]

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Bricks and Mortar Shops – Why Your Retail Store is Still Important

It is no surprise the world of shopping has changed exponentially in the last decade. In fact, you are probably reading this on your phone or laptop right now, with a quick scroll through information on the latest trends in shopping, along with your favourite team’s cricket score. And so it goes with consumers and […]

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5 Benefits of choosing medical design specialists

Deciding on the best design, fitouts or refit for your healthcare locations and medical practices is never easy, especially when considering cost, time constraints, regulations and overall functionality. Given there are dozens of general design and construction companies who offer their services, it can be difficult to choose which company is best for you. However, […]

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